And the Oscar® goes to...
José Manuel Claros
You know perfectly you're responsible for this. If you hadn't been so enthusiastic with the initial idea, if you hadn't talked to such a lot of people, this site wouldn't be yet available on the net. Thanks for everything.
Martijn van der Heide
Thanks for your HTML generation tool, the Thunderstats account and also for your patience and support. You're great!
Santiago Romero
Thanks for your wonderful free hosting.
Steve Brown
You put me in touch with Martijn and helped me a lot with the database and all that stuff. Thanks for your kindness.
Andrew Barker
Thanks for your help with my (frequent) questions about perfect TZXs/DSKs and so on.
Other webmasters
Such as Horace, Miguel Barrio, Karnevi, ICE Knight, Juan Domingo, Metsuke, Jaime González, Moxon and Yoxxxoy. Thanks for cooperating with, or rather, being part of the SPA2 project.
And last, but not least...
We know this wouldn't be possible without your help. Thanks to all that kind people who uploaded (or still upload) their stuff to SPA2 or any other of the sites devoted to the Speccy on the net.


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