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The World of Spectrum The TZX Vault ESpectrum Andy's ZX Spectrum Pages
Site in English The World of Spectrum (WoS), maintained by Martijn van der Heide.
Absolutely essential. As its name express, *everything* in the World of Spectrum. If you don't already know it, what in hell are you doing here? Go for it!!
Site in English The TZX Vault, maintained by Steve Brown.
Steve is one of the key figures in the current Spectrum scene. Among other things, he is responsible for the STP project, along with Andrew Barker. His site holds every single TZX you'd ever dream of. A must.
Site in Spanish ESpectrum, maintained by Josetxu "Horace" Malanda.
Everything you ever wanted to know about Spanish Spectrum software is found here. A very thorough piece of work. Don't miss its section "Qué fue de..." ("What happened to...")
Site in English Andy's ZX Spectrum Pages, maintained by Andrew Barker.
Andrew Barker is one of the most popular people in the current Spectrum scene. He is co-mantainer of WoS and co-responsible of the STP and SDP projects. His site holds a lot of Crash, Your Sinclair and Sinclair User cover tapes (transferred by him), info about tape loading schemes and other interesting stuff.

Collaborator sites
Other sites which have kindly provided us TZXs, DSKs, inlays scans or instructions.
Site in Spanish El Trastero del Spectrum, maintained by José Manuel Claros.
Arguably, the most interesting Spanish site about the ZX Spectrum, mostly due to its frequent updates. Its name (it means Spectrum's junk room) says it all: you'll find here all that unclassifiable stuff we love to re-discover, along with ten new programs every week. Even if you don't understand Spanish, it's worth the visit (Altavista's translator can do the rest).
Site in Spanish Site in English Site in Italian Computer Emuzone, maintained by José Luis "Karnevi" Veiga.
Every Spanish comercial game ever released (for every known platform) is cointained in this huge site. Also remakes and lots of info related to the titles. Outstandingly complete.
Site in Spanish Bytemaniacos, maintained by Miguel Ángel "Radastan" Montejo.
Bytemaniacos isn't just the website for the project "Castlevania ZX", but also a great service for the ZX Spectrum community, since it's feeding us with lots of new games through the interesting programming contests that are regularly convoked there.
Site in Spanish Proyecto B.A.S.E., maintained by Enrique Pimpinela Santos.
Proyecto B.A.S.E is another Spanish project, aimed to the retrieval and collection of every Spectrum text adventure in Spanish.
Site in Spanish Spectrum Power!, maintained by Javier "ICEKnight" Baldo.
Lots of original Spectrum tapes transfered by ICEKnight, which mostly belong to his personal collection. Also some home-made programs.
Site in Spanish Proyecto B.A.S.E., maintained by Luis Felipe Morales and Enrique Pimpinela Santos.
A Spanish project aimed to the preservation of every text adventure in Spanish for the ZX Spectrum.
Site in Spanish ZonaDePruebas Retroinformática, maintained by Colossus.
ZONADEPRUEBAS aims to be a meeting place for enthusiasts, users and collectors of retrocomputers, pastime electronics, and other devices of the 80s and earlier.
Site in Spanish MICROHOBBY.COM, maintained by Chema "Stalvs" Matas.
Lots of interesting information about Sinclair computers and peripherals, along with a really curious section called MHR (MicroHobby Revisited), maintained by Albert Valls. Astounding collection of scanned Spanish Spectrum magazines in the "Project Scanner" section. It's much worth the visit.
Site in Spanish Lo más retro... lo mejor, maintained by Juan Domingo García.
"The place for the classics". Here you'll find lots of info about retrocomputing, an interesting section of type-in programs and a large repository of ZX Spectrum games. Also a lot of curiosities in this site.
Site in Spanish Club de Aventuras AD, maintained by Carlos Sánchez.
Nice site where you'll find anything you ever wanted to know about the world of conversational adventures in Spain.
Site in Spanish Cassettes de revistas, maintained by yoxxxoy.
A nice project aimed to hold every cover tape from Spanish Spectrum magazines. Currently you'll find MicroHobby Semanal, MicroHobby Cassette, Load'n'Run and Stars.
Site in Spanish Metsuke Zone, maintained by Metsuke. [CLOSED DOWN]
Metsuke Zone was probably one of the first Spanish sites in striving to get and archive scans of game instructions in Spanish.

Site in English Spectaculator, by Jonathan Needle.
[Windows] A commercial emulator for PCs running Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, XP & Vista. Spectaculator emulates the 16K/48K/128/+2/+2A/+3 Spectrums, the Russian Pentagon 128 and Scorpion ZS256 clones, and lots of additional hardware.
Site in English SPIN, by Paul Dunn, Mark Woodmass and Mark Boyd.
[Windows] One of the best freeware alternatives for Spectaculator. It's powerful, highly configurable and works over any Windows system, from Windows 95 to Vista.
Site in English EightyOne, by Mike Wynne.
[Windows] Freeware emulator emulating ZX80, ZX81, the whole ZX Spectrum and Timex family, several clones, Jupiter Ace and others. EightyOne is designed to run on Windows XP, but should work on Windows 98 and above (DirectX 7 or above required)
Site in English ZX Spectrum Emulator (a.k.a. ZX-32), by Vaggelis Kapartzianis.
[Windows] A freeware emulator for Windows having the most basic options, but being very easy to use. It handles the TZX format.
Site in English Fuse, by Philip Kendall.
[UNIX] Freeware emulator for UNIX and Mac Os X. Working 16K, 48K, 128K, +2, +2A, +3, +3e, SE, TC2048, TC2068, TS2068, Pentagon 128 and Scorpion ZS 256 emulation, running at true Speccy speed on any computer you're likely to try it on.
Site in English fbZX, by Sergio Costas.
[UNIX] An open source 128K, +2, +2A emulator for Linux/SDL designed to work at full screen using the FrameBuffer.
Site in English ZZ Spectrum, by Triels Noergaard.
[Java] 16/48/128K/+3 Spectrum emulator. Play ZX Spectrum games online: Select a game from the drop down list below and press load. It's used at The World of Spectrum to play online.
Site in Spanish Site in English JaS, by Alberto Sánchez Terrén.
[Java] Spanish freeware Spectrum emulator written in Java. It also emulates 128k models, supports the TZX format, and features a superb debugger. Source code available.
Site in English X128, by James McKay.
[MS-DOS] A freeware 48, 128, +2, +2A, +3, Pentagon, and Scorpion emulator for DOS. Also available is an older open source Unix port.
No site - WoS link R80 Spectrum Emulator, by Raúl Gómez Sánchez.
[MS-DOS] Another good freeware MS-DOS emulator. Although it's not been updated during the last years, it keeps being a reasonable option.
Site in English Real Spectrum, by RAMSOFT ZX Spectrum demogroup. [CERRADO]
[MS-DOS] A freeware 16K, 48K, 128K, +2, +2A, +3, Pentagon, and Scorpion emulator for DOS and Windows. Also emulates Multiface 128, Interface-1, Kempston joystick, and mouse, DISCiPLE and +D, TRDOS and +3DOS support, and the Sinclair Network of the Interface-1 and MGT DISCiPLE via TCP/IP over the Internet.

Site in Spanish El Portal del Spectrum, maintained by Santiago Romero.
The home site where SPA2 (this site) is hosted. Here you'll find some recent news, a monthly poll and links to other valuable sites. Don't miss it.
Site in Spanish El hardware del Spectrum, maintained by José Leandro Novellón.
The home for the Spanish hardware preservation project for the ZX Spectrum. Documentation, photos, schematics, and everything you can think of!. Nonetheless, José Leandro also runs a very interesting hardware repair service for the Spanish community.
Site in English Planet Sinclair, maintained by Chris Owen.
Lots of information about anything related to Sinclair Research (including their computers, obviously). Everything is very well documented and shown in a nice style.
Site in English Sinclair FAQ, maintained by Bethany Carlton, among others.
Although it was initially intented to be a FAQ document for the comp.sys.sinclair newsgroup, it turned out to be an excellent place to look for almost any kind of information related to the Speccy. Don't miss it!!!
Site in English The Spectrum hardware page, maintained by Paul Jenkinson.
Are you looking for technical information about the ZX Spectrum and/or its peripherals? Don't look any further! Check this out...
Site in English Sinclair Research Ltd, maintained by Cyberpoint Ltd.
If you thought that Sinclair Research was dead, guess again! This is his current official site, where you'll find their latest devices.

General / Miscellaneous
Site in Spanish K y Enter, maintained by Elfo Oscuro.
An archive of every MicroHobby type-in program.
Site in English The Tipshop, maintained by Gerard Sweeney.
A central archive for hints, tips, cheats, pokes and maps for Spectrum and SAM games.
Site in English The Your Sinclair Rock 'n' Roll Years, maintained by Nick Humphries.
Your Sinclair tribute site, with game reviews, and loads of other groovy stuff.
Site in English CRASH - The Online Edition, maintained by Matthew Wilson.
Site dedicated to CRASH, the ZX Spectrum magazine which was published from 1984 to 1991 by Newsfield.
Site in Spanish El Spectrumero, maintained by Tony Brazil.
WWeekly updated, El Spectrumero features sections such as "El Juego de la Semana" (Game Of The Week), where Tony, a devote gamer, offers personal suggestions.
Site in Spanish Spectrum Forever, maintained by Ferrán Criado.
Another Spectrum gaming review site, with a very cute design and cleverly organized.
Site in Spanish Magazine ZX, maintained by Magazine ZX Team.
Spanish fanzine about the ZX Spectrum. Available both online and in PDF format.
Site in Spanish ZX Spectrum Files, maintained by Ignacio "RDisky" Prini.
Spanish fanzine about the ZX Spectrum, directed by Ignacio Prini. Available in PDF format.
Site in English RetroGamer, maintained by Imagine Publishing Ltd..
"The essential guide to classic games". Website of Britain's most important mag on retro videogames.
Site in English ZXF Magazine, maintained by Colin Woodcock.
Wonderfully presented and exquisitely written, Colin Woodcock's mag would arguably be the best-selling Spectrum magazine if it wasn't free!
Site in English ZX Shed, maintained by ZX Shed Team.
The homepage for the one, the only, the original ZX Shed, ZX Spectrum fanzine.

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