Thanks / Credits


SPA2 is a choral site. It is built upon the generous work of many collaborators over time. We are indebted to all of you.

In the same vein, the SPA2 team lineup is somewhat blurry and time-evolving. Everyone is welcome abord, though some crazy guys keep stubbornly around here :

  • Juan Pablo López: Concept and coordination. Vapourware producer.
  • José Luis Soler: Content curator. TZX Guru. Eats audio waves for breakfast.
  • Fede J. Álvarez: Web programming + administration. Digital being.
  • José Manuel Claros: Relentless preservation master. Fallible game menu tester.
  • Fede Jerez: Our Indiana Jones. Archeologist. Fearsome gem hunter.
  • Alberto Cuesta: Old aventurer, new archivist. Tireless multimedia preservationist.
  • Miguel AG Prada: Scan restoring. Pixel perfectionist. Old man.

The above crew members would like to acknowledge the following people for their invaluable help. The Óscar® goes to...

Martijn van der Heide
Thanks for generate - the HTML generation tool which made this site possible - as well as for your patience, wisdom and generosity along the years. You are the greatest inspiration for us all!

Santiago(s) Romero(s) + Rest of staff
Thanks for your wonderful ad-free hosting and altruistic help in the most diverse forms.

Former WoS crew and Spectrum Preservation Team members
Steve Brown, Andy Barker, Gerard Sweeney, to name a few. Thanks for your valuable insights and kind support.

Collaborator webmasters
Such as Horace, Miguel Barrio, Karnevi, ICE Knight, Juan Domingo, Metsuke, Jaime González, Moxon and Yoxxxoy. Thanks for cooperating with, or rather, being part of the SPA2 project.

And last, but not least...
We know this wouldn't be possible without your help. Thanks to all that kind people who uploaded (or still upload) their stuff to SPA2 or any other of the sites devoted to the Speccy on the net.