Required information for SPA2 submissions - Example

Imagine you were about to send us your TZX for the original release of 'Game Over' (don't do it, as we already have it!). The info you should provide in your e-mail would be

  • Title (obligatorio): Game Over
  • Publisher (obligatorio): Dinamic Software
  • Origin (obligatorio): Original release
  • Depósito Legal (D.L.) identificator: M-17666-1986
  • Box size: Standard (jewel)
  • Year of release in Spain: 1986
  • Original publisher: Not applicable (original release)
  • Message language: Spanish
  • Sender name: Aaron Elvis Presley

Of course, you are strongly encouraged to include the data above in the info block of the TZX.

Game Over - Original tape

Now imagine you were about to send us a inlay scan of Erbe's 'Head over Heels'. Then, it would be a re-release where the publisher would be Erbe Software and the Original publisher would be Ocean Software.

And so on...

Game Over - Inlay scan